Umbrella Insurance

Add an extra layer of liability coverage to your insurance portfolio with OnePoint's comprehensive Umbrella Insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is a form of liability insurance that will supplement your basic liability policies, such as your auto, home or renters insurance. It provides additional coverage above the limits of your basic policies and can protect you from large claims or lawsuits that could potentially wipe out your savings and assets.

Why Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a critical component of your overall risk management strategy. While your primary insurance policies, such as auto and homeowners insurance, provide valuable protection, they may have coverage limits. In the event of a severe accident or lawsuit, those limits may not be enough to fully cover the damages, leaving you exposed to significant financial risks. Umbrella insurance fills that gap by providing additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your primary policies

Comprehensive coverage Options

Here are some key features of our umbrella coverage:

  • Increased Liability Limits: Our umbrella policy extends the liability coverage of your underlying policies, such as auto and homeowners insurance. This means that if a covered claim exceeds the limits of your primary policies, your umbrella coverage kicks in to provide additional financial protection.

  • Broad Coverage: Umbrella insurance protects you not only against bodily injury and property damage liability but also against personal injury claims, such as defamation, libel, slander, and false arrest. It offers comprehensive coverage that shields you from a wide range of liability risks.

  • Worldwide Protection: Whether you're at home or traveling abroad, our umbrella insurance provides coverage worldwide. This means you're protected no matter where life takes you.

  • Legal Defense Costs: In addition to the increased liability limits, umbrella insurance also covers the costs of legal defense if you're sued. This includes attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with defending yourself in a lawsuit.

  • Peace of Mind: With umbrella insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have an extra layer of financial protection against unforeseen events and potential lawsuits. It safeguards your assets, savings, and future earnings from being vulnerable in the face of significant liability claims.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection! Secure Your Assets

When life throws unexpected challenges your way, our umbrella insurance steps in to provide an extra layer of liability coverage that goes above and beyond your primary policies. With increased limits and broad protection, you can rest easy knowing that you're shielded from the unpredictable. Get a Quote today!

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