Index Universal Life Insurance

Embrace flexible coverage with potential for cash value growth linked to a market index with OnePoint's Index Universal Life Insurance.

Understanding Index Universal Life

Index Universal Life Insurance is a type of universal life insurance that provides the potential for cash value growth based on the performance of a specific market index, such as the S&P 500. It offers the flexibility of adjustable premiums and death benefits, with the added potential for higher returns.

Why Index Universal Life Insurance?

Index Universal Life Insurance is ideal if you want the flexibility of universal life insurance with the potential for greater cash value growth. It can help protect your family, build assets, and supplement your retirement income.

Comprehensive coverage Options

  • Death Benefit Protection: Index universal life insurance offers a death benefit that provides financial security to your beneficiaries. You have the flexibility to choose the amount of coverage that suits your family's needs.

  • Cash Value Growth Potential: A portion of your premium is allocated to an indexed account that tracks the performance of a market index. This allows your cash value to grow based on the upward movement of the index, with the potential for higher returns compared to traditional universal life insurance.

  • Downside Protection: One of the advantages of index universal life insurance is that it offers downside protection. Even if the index experiences a decline, your policy's cash value is protected from market losses, ensuring a level of security.

  • Flexibility and Control: Index universal life insurance provides flexibility in premium payments, allowing you to adjust your contributions over time. Additionally, you have control over the allocation of your cash value among the indexed account and other available options.

Ready for flexible coverage and potential growth?

Enjoy upside potential with downside protection. With Index Universal Life Insurance, you can participate in market gains while having a safety net against market downturns. Your cash value is shielded from losses, providing peace of mind during unpredictable times.

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